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I Run and Hide

But I Never Tell a Lie

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Name:Duo Maxwell
Birthdate:Jun 1
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:Crystal Realm
Oregon Trail Bio:

Name: Duo Maxwell
Age: 17 going on 18
Series: New Mobile Report Gundam Wing
Species: human
Gender: male
Occupation: Farmer
Point of canon to be drawn from: at the last point that was finished for Preventor 5 manga
Wagon Assignment: Wagon 2

Appearance: Long chestnut brown hair worn in a 3 foot long braid down his back with rough looking bangs hanging in his cobalt blue eyes, very "American" looking with a heart shaped face and large eyes, caucasion, stands about 5’6”, somewhere around 120 lbs (he’s still growing!), somewhat on the thin side but strong, usually wears black with touches of red and white unless otherwise required for a uniform or other such things, has been known to wear a black baseball style cap and dark sunglasses, has a watch he occasionally wears on his left wrist.

Personality: Duo is an exercise in duality. He lives up to his name by hiding his true feelings and personality behind a mask of open expression. He's outgoing to a fault, tactile with friends by putting his arm around their shoulders or patting them on the back, and loud. His exuberance can sometimes be extremely taxing to more serious and darker characters. He likes to tell bad jokes, make people laugh, and has a natural magnetism that seems to make him popular wherever he goes. But, under all that, there's a darker side to Duo Maxwell.

Duo has seen more death in his 16 years than most people see after a full life of 80. This has naturally taken its toll on how he views relationships and his own life's worth. He does not trust easily, as a life on the streets taught him he can be betrayed. He often holds people at arm's length in his heart, as death has taught him that anyone can be taken from him, regardless of their age or occupation. His humor, while quick and sharp, is often tainted with a morbid tone, revolving around life and death, war and peace, heaven and hell. He often refers to himself as the God of Death because he feels that he can't die. Having lost everyone around him, he considers his life to be a fluke, that he's the one who should be doing the dirty work and taking the risks. He sometimes acts like things around him are a game, but he knows they are anything but that. Duo takes missions around him extremely seriously. For someone as loud and boisterous as he is, he can be a silent as a shadow, disappearing into a crowd with practiced ease. His mask is his way of keeping himself sane. He feels that, if he can still laugh, then he isn't lost.

Abilities: Duo is an excellent mech pilot, a fast runner, and an experienced thief. He grew up on the streets, so stealing, running and hiding became his lifestyle out of necessity for survival. As a mech pilot, he was one of the Gundam pilots that descended to Earth from the colonies in AC 195 to fight against OZ and the Alliance for freedom from repression. In order to do this, he needed to be good... very good. He was apparently a natural with amazingly fast reflexes and surprising focus that was covered by his normally playful mannerisms. Because of his time with the Sweepers, Duo also learned mechanics and salvage techniques. He can get almost any vehicle to run in a pinch, at least enough to get you home if not perfectly. Duo has a tendancy to be underestimated because of his thin frame and sloppy speech, considered weak and dumb, but he uses this to his advantage for the element of surprise. Duo is surprisingly intelligent and streetwise underneath his rough exterior, and he learns fast. Being extremely observant enables him to figure things out when people least expect him to. He also has this odd knack for not getting sick. When a plague ravaged his home colony, Duo was the only known orphan to survive without getting sick and without getting innoculated. He's not aware of any others (nor is the canon storyline, for that matter...). He had broken into a hospital and grabbed as many vaccines as he could for the gang of kids, but was one short. He didn't take a vaccine for himself, but never got sick.

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